Ngapali Beach


Ngapali is Myanmar’s premier beach getaway and earns its reputation to be one of the best beaches in the region through its idyllic stretch of pristine white sand and palm tree-lined coast, complemented by the blue clear water of the Bay of Bengal. Unlike other resorts, Ngapali offers a truly laid-back atmosphere of a small traditional fishing village, smiley locals and serenity, and is an ideal place to recharge one’s batteries so that one feels energetic again. Nothing is better to rejuvenate you than sitting on Ngapali beach and watching the world go by.

Ngapali offers something for everyone. Most visitors want to just relax by lying on the beach and appreciating the sun, sea and sand. But some adrenaline junkies and more energetic people may want to do snorkelling or scuba diving amongst the beautiful and brightly coloured fish. Other activities on offer are kayaking, taking trips on local fishing boat, cycling or motorbiking along the beach or around some of the local villages.new36

Chaung Tha Beach


Chaung Tha Beach is one of the three main beach resorts on Myanmar’s Bay of Bengal coast line and is the closest to Yangon (5-hour drive) and the easiest to get to. The beach itself is a long expanse of golden sand on which you will find a large crowd of locals and some foreigners. During summer time, there is hardly a cloud in the sky. The cooling sea water provides respite from scorching sun. There are vendors along the beach plying their trade, and food and drink can be bought readily. Along with coconut juice, an extensive range of fresh seafood is available and even its smell will whet your appetite. If you want to get to know local culture a bit deeper, this is the best place to mingle and interact with locals who are friendly and welcoming to the foreigners.

Although there are not so many tourists compared to other beaches, the number is increasing. When it comes to accommodation, it caters to every budget – from low budget hostels to top luxury hotels. Due to its relative closeness to Yangon, many corporate events and conferences are held here, especially during high season.

Chaung Tha is more of an activity beach where one can indulge in sand sports like quad biking, horse riding, beach football and beach volleyball, water sports like dinghy and inflatable ring riding or even kite flying. Whatever you opt to do there, it is bound to be a great fun. In addition to beach activities, if you feel adventurous, you can venture out to several off-shore islands around which you can swim or snorkel to see colourful fish, sponges, crabs and more.


Ngwe Saung Beach


Ngwe Saung Beach is a perfect place if you want to relax in somewhere simple, quiet and peaceful. Sitting back and looking over the paradise bay, hugging the sun’s rays and immersing in serene and picturesque views, your day is bound to be perfect. During the day, you can walk to the lover island where it offers the best panoramic views of the beach. If you are interested in exploring further, there are many opportunities and activities on offer, from snorkeling and fishing boat trip to motor biking. If you are into the elephants, there is also an elephant camp at Padaung village near Ngwe Saung for you to visit, which is less than an hour drive. This pristine and unspoiled surroundings is indeed one of the best places on earth to forget your day-to-day hectic life for a while.